Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Productive Day!

Finished stitching up the faces today, painted the hair, pressed the dresses and bloomers so now I'm ready to put them all together this evening! This is the part I like!!!
 Tomorrow I hope to stitch up all the goodies that each one will hold but I need to get groceries and stop in at the wool shop so not sure I will have time to complete everything but hopefully by Friday evening I can move onto the next project!


  1. look at all those cute little nakies lol! I've been cutting quilt strips all day, really need to get going on some Annies soon, you're inspiring me to get busy!

  2. My gosh woman !! Some folks don't realize how much work goes into all those little beauties !!
    How I wish I lived close to your wool can

  3. I would love to buy one of your prim dolls!

  4. Lots of work there! I always loved the day I dressed my dolls too! Then to start all over again. Such a tease...stopping by the wool shop....we have NONE around here which is probably a good thing...I'd be in there too much!---Jan


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