Friday, November 11, 2011

A trip to the Wool Shop!

Still winding down from last weeks home show!  Everything went real well and I was more than pleased with the turnout!  I took a couple of days off to do some much needed shopping and was more than pleased to meet up with Michele and Kathy at the wool shop, located at 240 Grant Street in Chambersburg, PA, to return their few items that did not sell.  Kathy works at this shop and every Thursday they have a hook-in where everyone is welcome and you can bring along anything you would like to work on!  They are open 10am to 10pm!  Just take a look at this inspiring place! As you enter the room there is a hospitality table with a beautiful rug hanging above it! Not sure who hooked it but it sure is a beauty! 
A wonderful Sheep rug hangs over a cute antique cupboard and lots of other goodies! Look at the wool nestled in there! 

You will find walls and walls of hand dyed wools in so many beautiful colors! 
A cute hooked mat that Kathy designed and I think she said she does sell the pattern! 

More wool and to the right.... a wall of needle punch patterns! I had to bring one of those home!

Here is Michele busy working on a new needle punch design! Two crows and a flower!  I'm sure she has it almost done by now! LOL  Right Michele!

This is Kathy working on her saltbox house rug!  Follow her blog to watch how quick she will finish this huge rug!  It is going to be soooooooooo pretty! 

This is Joann finishing off the edges of all these mats and chair pads!  Look how fast her hands are moving! LOL!!!   Love love love the primitive look of her work!  I need to find out if Joann has a blog! is my chair pad that I finally got started! Now to keep working on it!  I do have some orders to finish up before that happens but at least it is started!  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day one of Home Show!

10:00am rolled around real fast this morning while I was trying to finish up all those last minute things for the home show!  I was very disappointed when  I stepped out onto the porch to decorate my twig tree and the wind was blowing so hard!  Things were blowing over and I didn't want ornaments all through the yard so the tree stood bare today! Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice calm day!  Here are few shoots I managed to take!  Tomorrow I will take some pictures of all the different ornaments we have available!

The towels and stockings are made by my mom and the fabrics are prim perfect!

The antique bookcase holds bunny and summer things.... plus a basket of mice!

My new wool appliqued framed pictures, dried pineapples and some cute little ornaments made by my friend Michele.

An antique washstand holds the pinkeeps and above it hangs a spice rack.  Need to get more spice tins made up!