Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week

So sad to have the week come to an end! 
What an experience we had for our first time attending this awesome show!!! 
Many many thanks go out to Kathy Wright for the invitation to vend and all the help from the staff!
It was well worth the 8 hour trip and year long preparation to be able to meet so many wonderful and friendly people! 
The rug show was absolutely amazing! 
To all of you that stopped by our booth and took home some goodies we can't thank you enough!  I enjoyed talking with each and every one of you!
Friday evening I meet with a group of ladies for a workshop!  They had the choice to create a Pumpkin Jack or Snowman Sewing Clamp.  What a great job they did making them their own! 

My vending neighbors!
Wooly Pines and Susan Gonzales Designs.... sorry I missed Mary in the picture!  The booth looked beautiful!!

Ali Strebel who always has the most unique hand dyed supplies!!!