Monday, August 31, 2009

Craft Show report!

Well............. the weather forecast was showing rain all day!!!!!!!!! Was not looking forward to setting up in the rain but fortunately it held off until around 10:00 or so! We were prepared so all went well. It didn't stop the customers from shopping! The sun did eventually come out in the afternoon but then it was very humid and hot! Don't know which was worse! Today it is chilly here in PA! Too bad this front didn't move in a couple of days earlier!

It was so nice to see all of you who stopped by to see me! It's so nice to meet online friends in person!

The wood toaster covers and the Halloween blocks were a big hit so I will need to be replacing some of those for my next show in October!

In the front left hand corner of the table are some of the bowls that my son turned on the lathe. He inherited his grandfathers old lathe and really enjoys using it.

My next show is October 10th so I have a few weeks to prepare which will be nice! Need to reorganize my craft room so I can find what I'm looking was getting pretty bad!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preparing for Shippensburg Corn Festival!

Saturday is coming toooooooooooo fast!!! Today I'm finishing up some mice for the show and needed a break so I thought I would share a picture or two with you! I love these old funnels, vintage tumbler holders, baby shoes and old strainers.............the mice fit in them perfectly! I found this new angel twig too which I like working with.
Saturday looks like rain so hopefully everyone will grab a raincoat and umbrella and still come shopping! At least it won't be so hot like it usually is!

And I must stick a picture in here of my precious little Granddaughter Jillian!!! She is a tiny little bundle of joy!! It has been a busy 3 weeks!