Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A World Traveling Meerkat!

Heather from NiftyKnits, a member of the ETTEAM on Etsy that I belong to, creates some amazing hand knitted critters! Back in November she decided to send two meerkats out on a worldwide tour. Their creation and tour began in the United Kingdom! "Treasures" first stop was in Israel and "Etta" made her way to the USA! Etta is still making her way across the US but poor Treasure got lost somewhere between Estonia and Turkey. They are collecting souvenirs from all the homes she has visited and a lucky winner will receive the goodies and the meerkat at the end of the tour. So be sure to watch for sign-ups on Heathers blog and facebook to be entered into the Giveaway! You can follow their journey's on Heathers blog and facebook!
In order to keep the tour going Heather sent a third meerkat out named "Alchemy" and she arrived at my house, here in a cold PA, last week! It was a little bit of a temperature change from her last stop down South but she adjusted quite well! We are seeing some signs of Spring and warmer temperatures this week! She shared in my excitement of the daffodils poking up through the snow!

On Thursday we went to a wool shop with some friends and Etta had fun sitting in a pile of wool strips ready for rug hooking!

Here is a picture of the rug I've been hooking for sometime now!!! I won't tell you how many years but I'm determined to finish it up......... real soon!

We played a little Hide and Seek and I found her dancing in my collection of Nancy Ann Storybook dolls! Yesterday was a big day!!! She helped with a photo shoot of a new item for my Etsy Shop..... an antique reproduction of a Shaker writing desk! It seemed to take forever but we finally got it done and listed!Her she is playing "Where's Alchemy?" with some of her new friends in my workshop!
My son is home from college on Spring break and was in the wood shop working on the lathe. She was quite impressed with the really cute bowl he turned! I love the grain in this wood.... I think my husband said it was mulberry!
I decided Alchemy needed a sleeping bag to help keep her comfy and warm on the rest of her journey! Here you can see the final stages of stitching the bag together! Here she is all warm and snugly in her new bag and ready to make her trip to Michigan! It's been a nice visit and I hate to see her go!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Spice Cupboard!!!

My hubby is back in the woodshop!!!!! He has been busy finishing up some orders and working on my long list of to do's! My time has been spent painting and staining in a cold garage! Can't wait until the weather warms up! Here are a few pictures of what we've been working on.

My first show is Country Memories Day in McVeytown, PA on May 29th so I really need to start building inventory!

A thrift store make-over! I found this cubby shelf in the Adams County mission and refinished it in red.

I should be finishing up some new laptop writing desks today which I'm real excited about. Hopefully I can share those with you by the end of the week!

Have a great day everyone!!!