Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Boldt Castle on Heart Island in the 1000 Islands

What a fun place to visit! I wasn't sure what to expect when my sister said we were going to see a castle built back in the 1900's! I never realized how much history went along with it either!  It was the highlight of my mini vacation! 
 You ride a ferry to the island and can spend a whole day walking around the island learning and imagining what it was like to live like the wealthy back in the 1900's! 
Oh the beautiful architecture!!!
 I feel in love with these doors!  
 They were found on one of the structures called the Playhouse! 

I found the playhouse to be so intriguing! 

And just look at these window"s!!! They were amazing!

This was the Power House for the castle!  Two views as we circled Heart Island.

A gazebo to enjoy the fresh air!

The front view of the Playhouse and the  entrance to Heart Island back in the 1900's! Excuse the glare of the window on the ferry!  

If you would like to read more on the love story of  Boldt castle, see some awesome photos of the castle and the whole island they have a website which can be found here!!  I didn't take any direct shots of the castle because I knew my photograph would not show any where near the beauty of an aerial shot!  So you must check out the website!