Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Productive Day!

Finished stitching up the faces today, painted the hair, pressed the dresses and bloomers so now I'm ready to put them all together this evening! This is the part I like!!!
 Tomorrow I hope to stitch up all the goodies that each one will hold but I need to get groceries and stop in at the wool shop so not sure I will have time to complete everything but hopefully by Friday evening I can move onto the next project!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bloomers & Dress's

The bloomers and dresses were hung to dry!  Didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted but catching up this morning!  Later this afternoon I will be tracing, stitching and cutting out the critters that each doll will hold. Well, not all critters some will have pillows, flowers and a new thought in this little old head! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project for the week!

I can never make just one!  Friday I started by tracing the body parts on the fabric, stitched them up, cut out all the parts and began to turn them. Saturday I finished the turning, dipped them in coffee and hung them to dry and started to stuff!  Today I finished stuffing 21 bodies, 42 legs and 42 arms!  It's always such a good feeling to finish up one step but the excitement disappears quickly when you move onto the next and realize you now have 42 arms and legs to sew on the bodies!  LOL  I love my job!!!
Last evening I finished up attaching all the legs and arms!  Today has been slow going since I have a little helper here! The ice storm closed schools so my grandson is spending the day.  The dresses are under way and hope to have them finished by evening! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Help fight the Winter Blues!

What better way to fight the Winter blues but with a fresh bouquet of flowers!!!   I have one set of these available for shipment now! You will receive 8 flowers and 1 heart in a bouquet. All you need is a nice jar to put them in!  They will last a lifetime! Made from 100% wool!  Makes a nice Valentine's Day present too!  Only $27.00 with $3.00 shipping!
Purchase the finished bouquet here!
If you want to try your hand at making some of your own the pattern is now available! 
 Purchase the E-Pattern here for $5.50.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Primitive Handmades Mercantile Giveaway!

PHM is celebrating a 1 year anniversary!!!
What better way than with a lovely giveaway!  You could be a lucky winner of one of these 8 handmades by our artists!
All the information to enter is on the homepage at Primitive Handmades Mercantile!
Be sure you are signed up for our newsletter!
Winners will be drawn on February 11th!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's a Valentine Update at Primitive Handmades Mercantile!

Finally have the pictures taken and ready to go for the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update tomorrow!  Well, actually late this evening the artists pages will begin to update!   We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a huge giveaway too!!! It is so hard to believe that it's been a year already! We will have 8 or so winners and each winner will receive 1 handmade treasure from the participating artists!  Read all about how to enter on the home page of PHM and then be sure to stop back Friday to view all the updates!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Drying Okra

I stumbled upon some Okra at a good price so I bought 4 lbs. to try my hand at stringing and drying  it.  Wish I would have bought all they had because I just love the dried result!!!  It is amazing how much it shrinks up!  Here is a picture of before and after 2 days on the drying rack in front of our fireplace. They are almost 1/2 the fresh size! I hope they keep the bit of green still showing!
 Drying pineapples too.... 4 done and many more to go.  Hope to have at least 15 done for my shows next year! I only do one at a time because I eat the pineapple and I don't want any to go to waste!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Faith Hope Love Star Nodder

I had a couple of orders for some star nodders so I took the time to make one up for my Etsy shop. I hand stitched "Faith Hope Love" on the pocket and stuffed it full of Sweet Annie and broom corn.   Ever wonder why it is called a nodder????   The star sits in an old bed spring and does a bit of nodding if bumped! LOL  I love the prim world.... it has its own little language!
Added some of the finished Valentine Pillow Ornament sets to Etsy also!
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!
A big Thank you to each and every one of you for your support in 2012! What a year it has been! I'm looking forward to what 2013 holds!
I don't usually make New Years resolutions because I don't really ever keep them but I always try! I do hope to offer more patterns of my work this year! So................ I will jump right in and offer this Valentine Star Nodder pattern! And for each one purchased here on my blog today only..... I will also give you the Valentine ornaments pattern for FREE! 
To place your order just make a comment to this post and I will be in touch to send you a Paypal invoice or find out your other means of payment!  The E-pattern for both the Valentine Star Nodder and the Set of 4 Valentine Pillow Ornaments will be emailed to your inbox today!  Both patterns for $5.50 total!!! Today Only!