Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 New Patterns Now Available!

For the past 3 weeks I have been dealing with a pain in my back! It would just come and go as it pleased and some days I found myself pushing to get things done! Well... today I think the doctor has figured out what my problem is! I'm getting older! LOL Along with that I was working real hard helping Jeff finish up a HUGE wholesale order of 180 wood appliance covers... yes! You read that right!!!!! 180 pieces that needed my special sanding technique applied! As Jeff would complete 20 or 30 at a time I would use the sander .................guess what it did to me after a week or two of evening sanding! Pulled the rhomboid muscle in my upper back! Not a fun thing! Just glad we found out what the problem is and I have a good excuse to take it easy! But....... not for long because these appliance covers are sitting in my garage, which by the way looks like a mini warehouse, waiting to be painted! I will post some pictures below! So yesterday I started working on patterns because typing at the computer is easy on the back! Finished up these 3 patterns which can be purchased right here on my side bar or at The Prim Pattern site or Crafty Avenue! The first one is A new Prim Pillow Pocket for Winter of a snowman holding a star overhead and the saying "Warm Winter Wishes"!
Next we have another Prim Pillow Pocket of a Pot of Penny Flowers!
4 different designs for Winter Time Ornaments! Two with stitched words which read "Warm Winter Wishes" and "Let it Snow", one with an appliqued snowman head and a mini snowman!
Now for the mini warehouse pictures! These are double stacked and we have 2 slice toaster covers, 4 slice toaster covers, toaster oven covers, Kitchen Aide mixer covers, coffee maker covers and some bread boxes! All waiting for me to paint! WOW.... my back hurts! LOL Take note to the Sweet Annie strung across the garage............I hung that clothesline myself which wasn't an easy chore.... if I recall I twisted my back a bit when trying to do that a couple of weeks ago!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Warm Winter Wishes Celebration from the OFG Etsy Team

The OFG Team on Etsy has begun the Warm Winter Wishes Celebration this morning. You can see all the wonderful new creations that will be added to our shops through out the morning by typing WWHOFG in the search bar or by "CLICKING HERE"! Here is a picture of the new "treasures" I've created for my shop!
You can find this framed picture which is a wool appliqued snowman holding a star overhead by CLICKING HERE!
A set of four mini pillow ornments. One is a 3"snowman and can be found HERE!
One of my original prim pillow pocket ornaments for Winter.... read all about it HERE!
A 6" patriotic snowman made from flannel and a wool appliqued flag pocket. I made this new "treasure" using a pattern by My Little Raggedy Blessings and you can read all about it HERE!