Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Help fight the Winter Blues!

What better way to fight the Winter blues but with a fresh bouquet of flowers!!!   I have one set of these available for shipment now! You will receive 8 flowers and 1 heart in a bouquet. All you need is a nice jar to put them in!  They will last a lifetime! Made from 100% wool!  Makes a nice Valentine's Day present too!  Only $27.00 with $3.00 shipping!
Purchase the finished bouquet here!
If you want to try your hand at making some of your own the pattern is now available! 
 Purchase the E-Pattern here for $5.50.


  1. Oh how clever! I love these woolie flowers, who wouldn't?!

  2. PS, Teresa-
    not sure why but your picture isn't showing up on the blog list. Thought you might want to look into if?

  3. What a darling idea!!!!! I love this......

    Will be scouring your blog for great inspirations.... And, thanks for stopping by my blog also!! We will have to bounce ideas off one another....

    Peace, Faye


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