Monday, April 29, 2013

Woolen Willow Quilting/Rug Hooking Retreat pictures!

I returned home yesterday from a fun filled long weekend in Blackwater Falls State Park located in Davis, West Virginia! It started out Thursday morning with a 2 hour drive on the PA Turnpike to the Somerset exit to pick up Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives!  Margie has been an online friend for about a year now so it was so nice to finally meet her in person.

 In another 2 hours we landed in WV only to find a little antique junk shop with some wonderful chairs stacked on the porch among a bunch of clutter. They were all wet so I didn't want to purchase them only to keep them in my car for 3 full days. Hoping I could stop on the way home to make a "deal" for them I left them sit. I was so excited when I returned and they were still there. The well faded tags read $30.00 each but Margie was sure he told me $20.00 each when I asked him on Thursday! Being fairly new to making good deals I was so happy she suggested asking $50.00 for all 3 because he accepted! 

I have a brother who canes chairs so he is willing to help me out with that part!  I love the chippy paint that is left on them so the only other thing they need is a good cleaning.  They will make a great addition to the up coming shows this season with a hooked rug mat!
We arrived early at the Blackwater Falls Lodge but our room was ready so we were able to move in! The sky was so blue that day! This picture is quite deceiving because we were on top of a mountain surrounded by trees, rhododendron, water falls and lots of deer. A huge stony lots of trees valley was behind the lodge. What a beautiful view it was!
This is just one of the several Falls in the area. 
This was very close to the lodge. I was standing on a bridge looking down over the edge with shaking knees! That is not a fallen tree limb you see there that is a BIG tree which fell.  Pictures just can't show the size of this drop off!
 This is on the opposite side of the bridge I was standing on. You can see the rhododendron up close which was everywhere. Sure will be beautiful when they bloom.  Hoping to get back and see them.
It was such a pleasure meeting Jeni from The Woolen Willow and her family! I'm so sad I didn't get more pictures of them. They did a great job organizing the retreat and making us feel welcomed! Just look at the size and beauty of this rug Jeni is hooking!
Sally and Jeni just 2 of the 4 sisters who organized the retreat.

 These two lovely tables were set up for our shopping pleasure! Wool, wool kits, quilt patterns and other goodies.
One half of the room!
And the other!

Gretchen of The Woolen Willow and her mother Mary with a show and tell of their pieced quilt top!
Love this Uncle Sam hooked piece!  I'm so sad I forget this nice ladies name!  I'm on a quest to find out who she is!
Here are all the goodies I came home with!!! Can you believe it!  I won a bingo game and the jelly roll of wool was one of the door prizes. Look at the quilted mat and the sweet little coin purse which each of us received! So cute! The mustard bundle there in the bottom right hand corner  I purchased from Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives.  She has so many beautiful colors available on her blog!

Oh yes! Can't forget the huge hot fudge sundae I ordered one evening! That dish has a 6 inch diameter and was full!  I shared some with two other people before I snapped the picture! It was delicious!!!
Some of Margie's wool stash and the sweet sheep rug she was working on! 
I still have more pictures and stories to tell but so tired!  I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep! Not use to those late night chats! LOL   I will show you the rug I hooked on another day along with more pictures!



  1. Looks like you ladies had a great time. Beautiful part of WV.


  2. I just joined the group. I saw the pictures of the retreat. Some really beautiful rugs. I hope one day to attend a retreat..

  3. I just really want to become a hooker because the retreat looked amazing. Your new chairs are simply gorgeous and to get a deal makes them that much sweeter.

  4. How fun...I feel like I was my heart I was - next time you go this gal is going for sure!!!!
    What great wins you got - I just ordered a jelly roll from Shakerwood Quilts in greens.
    Gorgeous views.

  5. Hi Teresa! I so enjoyed meeting you at our retreat! Thanks for sharing about it on your Facebook page! The lady making the Uncle Sam rug, is Carolyn! She is one of my dearest rughooking friend/customers!
    Hope to see you again soon!

  6. I agree we had the absolute BEST time. Thanks for allowing me to tag along....getting to meet you and get to know you was such a sweet blessing.

  7. love those chairs - was wondering if you were going back for them! Way to go Margie for her helpful bartering hints! Teresa - it was great to spend time wth you and Margie and the others - It really was a great time - And I knew you could get your project done! It looks wonderful! You are very talented!

  8. Oh lucky girl! I didn't realize that you were going to be at Blackwater Falls, I would have gone along with you just to visit the area again. (Years ago I used stay there when I went whitewater rafting in the area.)
    The chairs are going to be wonderful, I can't wait to see them. Good deal.


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