Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Next Hooking Project!

I was excited to find this sweet little child's folding chair while out at the flea markets last weekend!  I really don't know what it is about these little things but I'm always drawn towards them!  I've decided this is a perfect seat for a hooked rug!  So.............. I'm going to attempt to have it ready for the next PHM update on April 19th! 
Stay warm and pray the warm weather gets to PA here real soon! That cabin fever is causing me to take some awfully brisk walks these days! I just looked outside and it was snowing to beat the band!  It's April holy smokes!!!!


  1. Cabin fever here too Teresa! Love the little chair, I have one by my fireplace. Hang in there, warmer days ahead! ~*~Lisa

  2. Love the chair and I'm also drawn to children's things

  3. So cute...this will work up nicely with a hooked chair pad.

  4. Me too, I love children's things! Bet it wil come out great! hope to see a photo when it it done!


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