Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some new dolls!

I haven't made any dolls lately, so when Patti from Brickhouse Crafts tagged one of my dolls she had in her shop, it caught the eye of two wonderful ladies who had to have one! That's all I needed to get me motivated. On Friday I started 10 and yesterday I finished them up! It was a fun photo shoot! What gets you motivated????

The orders were for the ones holding the snowmen and I was thinking Spring for some of them!


  1. now that gets me motivated to go out & buy a new machine lol got 2 & neither will cooperate lol

  2. Your dolls are oh so sweet! I keep meaning to get up to Patti's shop - hopefully this spring!

  3. Wow! You sure got a lot done. Love the dollies.


  4. Hi, Teresa
    Adorable dolls!
    Great job with all of them!
    Spring right around the corner!
    enjoy the day

  5. Teresa, I am glad I helped to motivate you! But you are the one motivating me.
    I love the dolls! I know our customers cannot wait to get some of your new dolls here at the Brickhouse. Thanks for being a part of the Brickhouse.

  6. Interest in our work always motivates us, don't you think? You do great work with these dolls! I love the idea of sewing, but...then they turn out so strangely. (Check out my cat in a previous blog post!) I did sell almost $100 worth of homespun yarn on Sunday...that can prime the pump indeed. Love to follow your progress...

  7. They are adorable - wow, you did get motivated!


  8. checking out what other doll and bear makers seems a good way to get me kick started...sometimes....

  9. Your dolls are adorable.

  10. Seriously, the red head in the blue dress, for sale and for how much if it is............Suzanne

  11. Suzanne! If you happen to come back to this post.... I have no way of getting in touch with you? Your profile is not available. I do sell the dolls for $22.00 plus the shipping. If you are interested please email me at teresamiller_743 (AT)
    Thank you! I will be listing them in my Etsy shop too....


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