Friday, May 21, 2010

Country Memories Day Craft Show!

Hello blogger friends!!!! It's been a while.............nice weather, son home from college, inventory to build and still only 24 hours in a day! Next Saturday I will be heading off to my first show of the year! It is in McVeytown, PA so if you live nearby I would love to meet you! Sure hope the weather decides to be nice. Two years ago it ended in a very bad thunderstorm and collapsed one of my tents! The joys of outdoor shows!
It's amazing how quickly the weeks pass when you have so much to finish up! Here are some new towels I created with a wool pocket to hang from the two drawer wooden shelf that Jeff made. I also needed something for a Summer Celebration that our OFG Etsy team has coming up so I made these for both events!
Not only do I have one week to finish up lots of crafts I have started but yesterday I picked up a box truck (which I needed for a long time) that needs lots of love and cleaning. It will be so nice having all this room to transport my wares!!!!

I need everything ready to go by Thursday because on Friday I will be attending the PA State Track and Field competition to watch my niece compete for the state title in the javelin throw! She won the title in her sophomore year, last year struggled with the pressure but this year she is back in great shape! Good luck Laura!!!


  1. I wish you lots of sales! I know what you mena about wanting things done early, I've got a good head start on my 1st show (Sept) & determined not to be talked into doing any before that LOL LOL my goal is to have it all priced & ready 2 weeks before show time

  2. Oh, I love those towels Teresa. Very prim pretty:) Good luck with your craft show.

  3. How exciting for you (and lots of work) the first show of the year! Sure wish I was in PA to attend, and I do hope your weather is awesome. This morning it was 32 and clear at 6:30 am and I could the the Grand Tetons from my window (over 10o miles aways mind you) BUT won't be the case tomorrow! SNOW is back in the forecast! but I love Idaho anyway.
    Hope you have lots of sales! Love your towels-so cute!

  4. Good luck with the show (and your niece). I know from experience what a pain it is to set up an outdoor show. You never know what you are going to get! I always wound up with something that wasn't quite level!

  5. am loving those towels..good luck and have a great weekend.;)

  6. cute towels...I love cone flowers...which pattern do you use for your cute little mice?? they are darling...

  7. Thanks so much girls!!

    Patti..... I purchased the Harvest Mouse pattern from Soft in the Head and then I just make up the different things for them to hold.

  8. Oh your towels are just are making me think here! lol



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