Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Instructions for Dried Orange Ornaments

I just love the smell of my kitchen when I'm making these Dried Orange Ornies! My Christmas gift to you is the instructions for creating them!

First you want to pick the largest oranges you can find..... I like to use Navel Oranges. Just look at how much they shrink during the drying process.

Take about 3 slices off the navel end of the orange. After each slice, sit the orange on a flat surface checking for straight cuts. Some are really lope-sided when sitting so cut accordingly to help straighten it up. You will also be able to work with it during the drying process.
Scoop the pulp out of the orange by loosening up the edges with a thin tablespoon. Don't throw this out!!!! It is yummy...nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice ....................and you can also add powdered sugar, coconut and cherries to the pulp for a wonderful dessert! I think it's called Ambrosia....... a recipe I learned in Home Ec way back in my high school days!

After it is all cleaned out it will look like this! It doesn't need to be spotless!

Now you are ready to place the whole cloves around the top. You can use any pointy object to make the holes for the cloves..... an ice pick works great! Just poke your holes about 1/2 inch apart the whole way around the orange and then insert a whole clove into each hole.

Dry in a 200 degree oven by placing the orange, hole side down, directly on the oven rack. Check every 15 minutes or so. After the inside seems fairly dry flip it over and place on a cookie sheet. If it is not sitting straight try pushing it into shape. Sometimes the edges tend to turn in or out so keep adjusting them as needed. Drying times will vary but be prepared for an hour or two! Dry the slices on a piece of foil along side of the ornies or dry in a dyhydrator.
You can let your ornies air dry but I found they tend to lose the round shape.
After they are dry remove 2 cloves from opposite sides and insert a piece of rusted wire for a handle as pictured in the first picture. They look great on a tree or you can sit them around too! If you make some please let me know... I would love to see them! Enjoy and have a great Christmas!!!


  1. Hi Teresa
    Thank you so much for sharing how you make these awesome orange ornies! you sent me two of these last year and I just LOVE them!!! They still smell fragrant and are among my favorite ornies!

  2. Thanks for the instructions Teresa.


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