Friday, August 2, 2013

Okra Harvest!

My dad loves to garden and sure knows how to grow the Okra!!!  Freshly harvested and strung! Now lets hope the humidity stays away for a bit more so it dries  nicely!  If you remember I successfully dried some Okra I found in the grocery store over the Winter.  I was able to use the fan on our fireplace for a nice dry heat which worked great!  So I'm a bit nervous as to how it will dry this time of year!  Plus........ this Okra is so much larger!  The average size of the store bought Okra was 4 inches and smaller and when I went to my mom and dads yesterday to pick this my surprise it ranges from 10 to 7 inches!!!  A few shorter ones in there but most are over 7 inches! Beautiful!
I was intrigued with the beautiful plants and blooms which grew the Okra! He purchased red and green seeds back in the Spring and had to replant half the crop a second time because they weren't growing! I wish I would have taken a long shot of the garden showing the whole row.  This is the green stock which probably stands about 3 feet. See the Okra growing there on the center stem of the plant?

The red stocks are really pretty.  You can see a bit of the whole row in this picture.  It went the whole way back to the sunflowers you can see there way in the back!

Look at this beautiful flower head that produces the Okra!  Such a pretty yellow with a black center!
Some of the harvest!
Not sure this will be ready for my first show but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  August 10th is the Lititz Rotary Club craft show and it is coming fast!  Back to work still have lots more "treasures" to create!


  1. Hi Teresa~ these look awesome as garlands!

  2. Hi, Teresa,
    Your dad is quite the gardener! I hope those dry nicely for you, they look so neat!

  3. Hi Teresa, looks great as garland the Orka, very prim indeed....Francine.

  4. Hi Teresa....I had no idea whar an Okra plant looked like..they are so pretty!!!!!!
    Big change in size this year.
    (I don't like to eat it though)
    Hope your summer has been a nice one Teresa!

  5. the plants are very pretty, he did a great job, they look fabulous, maybe a small box fan to help them dry faster? don't know if it will work or not, let us know how all it goes for you!

  6. Hi Teresa,
    When you get them dried and are ready to sell I'd love a garland of them.
    I thought I was to buy one last season - can't remember but anyway I didn't get save me a garland when they are ready.

    The flower looks just like the one on my Wind Flowers...but they are all white.

    See you in a week!!!!! Good luck.



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