Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

WOW!!! It's so hard to believe that Christmas Day is almost here!!! I hope this short post finds you well and in good spirits!
It has been so dark and gloomy here in PA for the past WEEK! I'm so anxious for the sun to pop out again. I don't ever remember a December like this.
 I'm busy switching my EzShoppe over to a new website so a Grand Re-Opening will take place sometime in January!  Working on some new "treasures" for the event and have lots of primitive wood appliance covers painted up and ready to ship! They aren't just for the kitchen anymore!  If you are a rug hooker I might have one for you! As soon as the sun decides to show its face again I will be taking pictures to share! 
Until then.................. keep smiling!!!


  1. Hi, Teresa,
    It's dreary here too. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was at cold enough for snow. I miss the snowy winters of my childhood. I'm looking forward to your reopening to see what you have for rug hookers and your appliance covers.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    You are having the weather we had last week - but at least we aren't getting snow yet like they are up north here.
    I'm interested now in what you may have for it a frame???

  3. Oh Teresa, we've the dreary overcast days here too. I'm waiting for the sun to pop out so I can take photos as well. Love your photo :)

  4. Hello, wonderful blog,......lots of snow here........Love the display and that house is to die for........Blessings Francine.


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