Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Presque Isle State Park Craft Show Pictures

I returned home Monday from a wonderful 5 day trip to Erie, PA!  We left around 7:30am Thursday morning with an expected 5 hour trip which turned into a 7 hour trip!  We had to exit the PA turnpike due to an accident which toke us into Pittsburgh..........needless to say my husband was not real happy with the fact he needed to drive the box truck through all that traffic!  We were bumper to bumper for 45 minutes!  Then we were 40 miles from Erie and the sky became very very dark and tornado warnings were being broadcast over the radio for the county we were in! When the rain and wind started we pulled over to the side of the road as a tree branch was ripped from the trunk! Quite scary but it only lasted about 20 minutes!

Friday the weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms all day but we lucked out! It turned out to be a pretty nice day. Saturday morning we had a severe thunder storm right as we arrived to open up the booth. We couldn't even get out of the car! We could see the booth flooding with water.... 3 inches to be exact..... so we ran to a garden center to buy a bale of straw and until we returned an hour later the water had soaked into the ground leaving a very sandy compact gray mud. The straw worked out real well and thank goodness the vendors that do the show every year suggested the straw because I'm not used to that kind of soil. All I could think about was ankle deep mud when we were able to get into the tent but there was no muddy mess at all!
 I guess the weather kept some vendors away because I had an empty space beside me so I was able to hang these cupboards on the outside wall to draw the customers in! 
One side of the booth.
I put all the wood appliances covers on the back tables.  
 My sister was not able to go with me to this show and I sure did miss her!!!  My husband tried to help with the display but he sure does need some practice! I put him to work on decorating the tree and he did quite well. 
The front corner.
This was the front view.
Since we didn't set up on Thursday evening we took a drive around the whole peninsula and stopped by one of the beaches.  It is sooooooooo pretty! 
Learned a little bit about Presque Isle too!  Got to see the first lighthouse built there and these plaques were very interesting!

It will be a busy 2 weeks because the next show is the Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show on August 11, 2012 in Lititz , PA!  


  1. Ohhhh your booth looks wonderful!

  2. I wish you would switch to the Westfield show so I could shop your booth!! :) Your booth looks great!!--Jan

  3. hi, Teresa
    What a Trip Wow, storms~ traffic, glad you made it safely~
    Amazing booth, love everything, but I sure would have been purchasing one of the cupboards~ Beautiful prim~

  4. Teresa, Your booth looked so AWESOME! I see so many things that I would LOVE to buy!

  5. Your booth looks fantastic!!

  6. what an awsome set up! I could spend all day in there lol!

  7. Your pictures are such eye candy - thanks for sharing and enjoy your travels! Good luck! ~*~Lisa

  8. Teresa, beautiful booth! So glad that it turned out well with all you had to go through. ~willa~


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