Monday, August 15, 2011

Lititz Craft Show Pictures

It was a perfect day for a show up until 3:40pm and then it started to rain! Lots of happy shoppers were out in the morning and well into the afternoon! Too bad we had to end it so abruptly with only 20 minutes to go! I was able to meet a couple more online friends which was real nice! I wanted to show these cupboards before I left for the show but was too busy to take the pictures so here they are in the booth! Jeff did a fine job making these using old 3 pane windows as the doors. One in New England red.....
One in Olde Ivory....
One in Mustard....
I usually don't get a good shot of the whole booth because we are still setting things up when the crowd begins but we got started by 5:00am and were done in good time this year!

This is what we were dealing with at 4:15.....Can you see the water running down the side of the curb?!?!? And this was a low point! Not fun standing in water up to your ankles with the thunder roaring! At one point these totes were floating! Luckily the wind did not pick up and destroy the tents! Despite the unhappy ending we had a great show and good time.


  1. Your booth looks amazing! I love those cabinets and all the little goodies in your pictures. Despite the rain, I'm glad you had a good time. :)

  2. Wow, you have a large booth to set up! Everything looks beautiful. Love that red cupboard, and the hanging ones too! Glad the show was a success, would have loved to be there.

  3. looks like a great show in spite of the rain, the booth looks great!

  4. Glad you had a good show...hope none of your wonderful creations got wet or damaged by the rain...Everything looks wonderful - but those cupboards are amazing!! So, so, sad you aren't closer!! I'd be getting rid of something to make room for one of those!! Awesome!! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Your booth looks lovely...happy to hear most of the day went well. We didn't set up there this year but have been there through thunderstorms and also hot hot days,

  6. Awesome cabinets ~ what a great idea/way to recycle old windows. Love them!
    Your booth looks awesome too with all those wonderful goodies!
    Bummer that it rained on your parade.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  7. The cabinets are wonderful. He did a beautiful job and you did a fantastic job in finishing them! Sorry for the rain. I've experienced that, and it's not fun. So happy the wind wasn't with it! Sorry I missed the show :(, but glad you did well and got to meet some new friends!

  8. hi, Teresa
    Your booth looked terrific~So many wonderful items, displayed just perfect! love the cupboards!!!
    So glad you had a great show, but sorry about the ending~

  9. Love your booth pics Theresa! Congrats on a good show minus the rain. ~*~Lisa

  10. Teresa,

    It was so nice to finally met you. It was a shame that the t-storms couldn't hold off til everyone was packed and safely on their way home, but as you said it could have been lots winds and no lightening. We got puddles through our booth during the rain but nothing running like you did. The show was ok for us but I've done it in the past when it was lots better...but then most of the shows then were lots better!

    Anyway, we got everything dried out on Sunday (the tent and sides) and of course all my product was dry in totes(thank goodness for rubbermaid!) on Saturday.

    Love the cupboards your hubby made...very. very nice!


  11. Thought id stop by and say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa.

  12. Hi...the cupboards are beautiful. Glad you had a good show...the things we crafters go through to set up a booth.

  13. Wow Teresa, I LOVE it all!! Oh my goodness if I came to shop your booth, it would take me all day long to figure out what to buy! Sorry about the rain but it sounds like you had a good day anyway and it's always so nice to meet online friends. I really enjoyed looking at your hand mades, thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a delightful week my friend~

  14. Hi Teresa,
    I haven't been blogging with friends for quite some time and this proves it! I missed seeing your wonderful booth pictures.

    Gorgeous cabinets (I know the quality is fantastic 'cuz I have one!!)

    So you have two spaces!!!! Goodness I'm going to be cramped with my lonely ole ONE SPACE!

    Very nice Teresa. Glad the rains didn't spoil most of the day at least.



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