Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blackened Beeswax Ornies!!

I've been playing in wax!!! This is something I never tried before and finding out it can be a little messy but the end result is well worth it! I just love the blackened beeswax look! I was fortunate enough to find a local beekeeper who can supply me with the raw beeswax! I clean, dye, pour and spice them up! Well..... my husband has been a little bored since the cold weather set in so he has been helping! I found some of the most wonderful colonial looking molds from Sharon of Homespun Heart Primitives which really got me interested in making these for my craft shows! Also using some soap molds my mom had and found some antique looking candy molds of bunnies! Here are some pictures of what I have made up so far! These are little 3" bunnies that I was able to put a rusted wire hanger on so you can hang them on a tree or they do stand alone.

This is a 6" Easter bunny which will stand alone!
A Pineapple Ornie measuring about 2 1/2"!
A Willow Tree!

A Prairie Doll!I have more wonderful molds on the way so be on the look out! If interested in any of these let me know! They look so cute hanging on a twig tree, cupboard knob or peg board!
Have a great day!!!


  1. I LOVE the bunnies. Can't wait till payday and make a visit to you!

  2. Really interesting, you have done a great job on the bunnies. I have a couple of the wax sheep, I love how they look when you display them. Thanks for sharing. Vicky

  3. Look-in GOOD!!!!
    Hope you had some googone for clean up!


  4. I really like the rabbits - how much do you think you would charge?

  5. Thank you ladies!

    Wendy..... The 3" bunnies are $4.00 and the 6" ones are $6.00!

  6. These are so cool! I love beeswax! Neat way to use it!

  7. Love the bunnies!! Too cute!


  8. Love them Teresa! I also use an antique bunny mold....they are so much fun! :)

  9. The bunnies are very very cute.
    You did such a good job on them.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  10. Thanks so much everyone! Received 2 new molds so busy pouring!

  11. Love these! I'll have to get some after I move and I know what I'll be decorating. :)
    I will sell my house someday!

  12. Absolutely adorable Teresa! I love playing in wax, it is my latest addiction! I would love to mess around with the blackened beeswax... maybe one of these days. The hanging ornaments are very neat!

  13. Wowzers, Teresa, those are absolutely gorgeous! I love blackened beeswax and especially all the pretty molds you're using with it. While I have a fondness for bunnies, I have to admit being particularly smittened by the prairie doll. So cute!

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow party. I appreciate it. :)


  14. I really enjoy using beeswax too. these bunnies are awesome!

  15. I am REALLY loving these Teresa! I have the angel ornie you gave me hanging on my 'leave out all year round twig tree' and I just love it! Looking forward to seeing what other molds you get.


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