Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prairie Apron and a Blue Mason Jar

My working hands are now creating aprons for your primitive home! I started out with this wonderful mustard, black and tan checkered homespun fabric. It hangs a little over 29" with 26" ties. I hand stitched a pocket in place which is made from osnaburg. On the pocket I appliqued a wool sunflower which I created from a beautiful piece of hand dyed wool. You can purchase them from my Etsy shop or just send me a message.
I also wanted to share a really nice piece for your kitchen that my mom created! She sent some of these along to my show last month and they were the first sale of the day! That is always a fun thing for my sister and I to see who has the first sale! Love it!


  1. Teresa, love your apron! I just started making a far just out of muslin, not the easiest to make are they? But, they are so neat hanging from a peg!

  2. Shari.... the part that is hardest for me is all that ironing for the edges! I planned on cutting 10 out today but threw in some dresses and bonnets too! So needless to say I'm still cutting and not sewing yet! Not enough hours in a day!

  3. love the apron, I have one cut out & that's as far as it's gotton so far LOL but hopefuly I can slow down & have a me day soon!

  4. Your apron is gorgeous and I like that you made it a bit different than others with the applique on it.

    Love the silverware in the jar! Neat.


  5. Oh cool, wool flower is a neat lil touch. Pretty Teresa.

  6. Sweet apron, Teresa! I love the way you did the pocket. Great new items... hope they sell quickly.
    Blessings~ Birgit


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