Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some new "Spring" things!!!

More Spring "treasures" for your viewing pleasure! The sun is shinning brightly here in PA and the squirrels are romping in the trees which is nice to see but open the door and you are hit in the face with some mighty cold air! January is almost over and soon it will be Spring!
I have added the Spring Chick on the bedspring and the two new mice to my Etsy shop.


  1. Hi Teresa
    We had enough snow this morning that there was a 2 hour delay for schools. But the sun is shining now and the roads are all clear ( 11:30 am ) but you are right - it's still pretty cold!
    I adore all of your mice creations and that bunny in the front is so darn cute!!!!!


  2. I really enjoy visiting your blog, It's very nice. Your mice are wonderful. I hope that my English is correct.

  3. Your mouse is so cute!!! Wish all mice were that cute, maybe then I wouldn't scream every time I see one in our basement!

  4. Those chicks are the CUTEST thing I have ever seen as far as Easter prims. AWESOME!

  5. Love your mice Teresa. They are so cute!!!

  6. I love your spring mice mom! :) Miss you. Owen is counting down the days until he gets to spend the night at your house! Only 35 sleeps left :)


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