Monday, February 23, 2009

OFG Spring Celebrations on Etsy!

I finally finished up some Spring creations for the Old Farmhouse House Gathering Celebration on Etsy! I think it begins February 26th but I will let you know for sure when the time comes! Lots of mice are still invading my home..... need to get a few cats made up! Anyway........... I have one in an old laddle, one in a terra cotta pot and one in a wooden box with a light. All of them have fabric flowers worked into the creation. Check out the tiny little bouquet of flowers in their hands. I will be listing the one on a pinkeep tonight but the rest need to wait until the OFG Spring Celebration begins.

My husband and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the woodshed! We have lots of new cupboards and chests in the works. Now all I need is a nice warm day to start painting! Until then.......................... I just listed this mini cupboard on Etsy. We used one of my favorite JH Williams print for the door and I painted it New England Red. Need to get back to work because I have lots more to finish up before hubby comes home from work!


  1. Teresa I LOVE your little mice, they are so adorable. Your mini cupboard looks wonderful too. I know what I will be adding to my wish list, lol.

  2. Teresa,
    your mice are adorable! The cupboard looks great in that red. Nice job!

  3. Teresa, WOW, I love those mice! I am putting an order in for some for our shop! So the woodshop is open for the season? LOL...
    I love what you and your husband create. What talent you both have!

  4. The mice are too cute! Love the cupboard as well!


  5. Teresa that cupboard is beautiful. I love those mice so darn cute .


  6. I just LOVE those mice Teresa!!!!!


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