Monday, August 31, 2015

Shippensburg Corn Festival

The 35th Annual Shippensburg Corn Festival was held on Saturday! 
The weather cooperated with no rain pouring down on us and the humidity was not too bad until later in the afternoon! 
Here are some pictures of the booth right before the shoppers starting coming! 

The next show is in 3 weeks at Notforgotten Farm in Amherst VA!  

Barnwood Bottle Hangers

Crocks and Bread Boxes

Lots of little cupboards with drawers!

K Cup Drawers and more Drawer Cupboards

Punch Needle

My Mom's Stockings and Sister's Ornaments

Stove Boards, Old Chair and Shutter

Washboards and Mom's Vine Baskets

Wood Appliance Covers and Stove Boards