Saturday, December 19, 2009

A gift for Stitchers!

I had a special request from a customer for an ABC's of Christmas stitchery and this is what I came up with! I've decided to offer the pattern to anyone who would like it. You can download it here

If you've never tried a stitchery before and you have any questions please ask! You can email me at teresamiller_743 (at)
Merry Christmas!!!!
I must warn you...........they are very addicting!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Last Minute Shopping Sale"

Need a last minute gift!!! Here are some pieces ready to ship! I've put together a picture trail of prims for sale! Just a few pieces you will find available!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Festive Primitive Broom Corn Wreath

Here is another use for the Broom Corn that my mom and dad grew this summer! I've been wanting to make up some wreaths and today was the day! My kitchen is a mess but I sure had fun! I love how they turned out and have listed one in my Etsy Shop! My aunt had given me some of these awesome wax sheep and he sits in there so nicely! Next I'm going to make some new primitive ornaments for my Christmas tree! Have a candy cane design in my head that needs to come out! LOL Have a great day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Craft shows are done for the year!!!! So............ I will be adding lots of new items to my Etsy shop over the next couple of days! Here are a couple of things I added today!
If you need Rusted Bedsprings with the wide top and bottom you can't go wrong with these! 16 of them for $15.00 and FREE SHIPPING!!! Get them while my supply lasts!

This cupboard is one of my favorite which my husband makes for me to prim up!
I had to make some cats to go with all the mice!!! I used a Tenneessee Ridge Primitive pattern to create this cutie!I love love love this Santa or shall I say Father Christmas! He was designed by my good friend Robin Leuschen at Bird in the Hand Primitives ... check out her blog here

You can find these all listed in my Etsy shop at

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I've been working on!

WOW!!! Why do I start so many things at one time?!?! I'll never know! It seems to take forever to get anything done but when I feels so good! Here are some new "treasures" for the Holiday Celebrations that the Old Farmhouse Gathering team is having .... you can find my entries here . Some of these are also for a wholesale order and the Online Craft Show I'm in that will begin tomorrow!
I haven't made any new dolls lately so it was fun to create these Christmas dolls! Of course I had to name one after my new granddaughter Jillian. She is the one in the red dress holding the snowman!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Cell Phone Necklaces!

I managed to finish some new cell phone necklaces for my last show which was on Saturday!

The weather was a little chilly, breezy and cloudy for the day but no rain!!! We had it all this year! The crowd was good and sales were about the same so I was a happy camper!

I actually took the time to walk around and check out the other booths! I think we were the only "handmade" primitive spot there and I had some nice compliments!
The week before I did a really small show at a Fall Gathering in Kings Gap State Park. It had lots of fun things for kids to do and in a really pretty location at the top of a small mountain.... actually is was a 4 mile winding narrow road to get to the top.

You could tell the people coming into my booth were not familiar with primitives. This one couple came into my booth and I heard the husband say to his wife....while looking at one of my wooden pieces....... "wow that must really be old". He turned around and asked me how old it was............ a little dumb founded I said "Awwww... two months" I then told him it was a reproduction, newly made by my husband and I painted it to look old! He was shocked and said I did a good job! LOL He was referring to the white one hanging here.
Hope all have enjoyed the short Fall least here in PA it feels like winter already!!! I'm not looking forward to my son's football game on Saturday in the cold and damp weather! At least it is at 1:30 in the afternoon and not in the evening! Stay warm.........until next time!!! Have a great day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pumpkin Head Witch Doll ~ Mini Pumpkins ~ Mouse in the Pumpkin Patch

Gearing up for a Fall Celebration with the OFG Etsy Team! On Saturday I will be listing 3 new Fall/Halloween "treasures" in my Etsy shop.

I created this Pumpkinhead Witch Doll using a pattern by Veena's Mercantile! I just love the design. She is wearing a fabric made candy corn around her neck and carries a bag of fresh cut Sweet Annie.
I made the mini 2 1/2" pumpkins from painted osnaburg, a stick, wire vine and some wool leaves. So cute for a shelf, cupboard or bowl.
The mouse sits proudly in an antique soap dish with 2 tiny little fabric made pumpkins and his "For Sale" sign.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Craft Show report!

Well............. the weather forecast was showing rain all day!!!!!!!!! Was not looking forward to setting up in the rain but fortunately it held off until around 10:00 or so! We were prepared so all went well. It didn't stop the customers from shopping! The sun did eventually come out in the afternoon but then it was very humid and hot! Don't know which was worse! Today it is chilly here in PA! Too bad this front didn't move in a couple of days earlier!

It was so nice to see all of you who stopped by to see me! It's so nice to meet online friends in person!

The wood toaster covers and the Halloween blocks were a big hit so I will need to be replacing some of those for my next show in October!

In the front left hand corner of the table are some of the bowls that my son turned on the lathe. He inherited his grandfathers old lathe and really enjoys using it.

My next show is October 10th so I have a few weeks to prepare which will be nice! Need to reorganize my craft room so I can find what I'm looking was getting pretty bad!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preparing for Shippensburg Corn Festival!

Saturday is coming toooooooooooo fast!!! Today I'm finishing up some mice for the show and needed a break so I thought I would share a picture or two with you! I love these old funnels, vintage tumbler holders, baby shoes and old strainers.............the mice fit in them perfectly! I found this new angel twig too which I like working with.
Saturday looks like rain so hopefully everyone will grab a raincoat and umbrella and still come shopping! At least it won't be so hot like it usually is!

And I must stick a picture in here of my precious little Granddaughter Jillian!!! She is a tiny little bundle of joy!! It has been a busy 3 weeks!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Craft Show Pictures!

Here are a couple of pictures from the show on Saturday!

Around 3:00 we received word that 60 mile an hour winds and hail were headed out way! Yikes!!! That was scary! Needless to say we started packing up real quick!!! We were prepared so nothing was lost but it is such a pain packing up in the rain! It poured down rain for the next 2 hours but fortunately we did not have the wind and hail! Thank goodness someone was watching out for us! As we put the last piece of props into the truck and shut the tailgate the sun popped out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finishing up and packing up for a Show on Saturday!

Bright and early on Saturday morning my sister and I will be setting up for a show! It is being held at Caledonia State Park in Fayettville, PA. Located between Gettysburg and Chambersburg on Route 30! Here are some of my new "treasures" I will be selling!

Mini Cupboards using a print by Susan Burd for the door and a Box to hold CD's which I handpainted using a Kim Klassen design.
Sure hope this beautiful weather we have been having sticks around for Saturday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I need your Vote on Etsy!!!

I was so excited when I received an email yesterday telling me that my rabbit doll was in the weekly Voter on Etsy!!! I would really appreicate your vote!!! You can find the page here....... Let's see if I can make it to the first row!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prim Tin PinKeep & Wool Cell Phone Necklace

I added a zinc lid pinkeep to the top of a primmed up soup can with a grungy paper label. It makes a great way to store sewing items.

Also, added another cell phone necklace to my Etsy shop. This one is appliqued with coneflowers and a bee. Thanks to Sarah and Constance for these ideas as to what you can use it cards you are passing out while at a craft show or collecting as a customer, MP3 players, IPods. I'm sure you can think of more ideas........ let me know what you come up with!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I finally took the time to add some new items to my Etsy Shop! I've been making some wool appliqued cell phone necklaces! The small digital cameras fit into them nicely also! I was tired of always digging through my purse for a ringing cell phone while out shopping or traveling! This is so nice to keep it right at your finger tips!

I used a purchased pattern by Heart to Hand to create it.

Also, I added a mustard colored wood toaster cover with the handpainted sheep on it. My husband was in the woodshed this past weekend and made the ones I needed for orders and I will be painting them tomorrow! So.......... for the girls that have ordered toaster covers you will be hearing from me soon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Craft show pictures!!!

It was a hot and humid day on Saturday for Country Memories Day but we survived!!! We had to pack up in a nice steady rain which made it real hot under the closed in tent............... but we stayed dry! Sales where higher than last year so that was very exciting and made it all worthwhile! Here are some pictures of our set up and some new items I've added this year.
This was a small display we put in the front and center where the customers enter.

This was our check out counter. I like how Christa displays her magnets on the old muffin tins!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping from the Weekend at PrimMart Convention

What a weekend I had!!! So much fun meeting up with online friends that share the joy of crafting!!!

Our day started out with Michele from The Primitive Times E-Zine and I driving to Harrisburg to pick up Marie from Mamaw's Creations at the hotel. We then traveled to see Patti at her Brickhouse Crafts! We then went back to the hotel and picked up Kristal from Rags-N-Tags before making a stop at the Greyhound bus stop for NeeNee KrazyKraftLady. On to an antique store in Hummelstown. A huge place with 3 floors of wonderful treasures!

We spent time Friday night getting to know each other (most knew each other from past conventions) but I was a new one! Haven't done that much laughing in years and it felt sooooooooooo good!!!

On Saturday we traveled to Lancaster for the Day and hit lots of nice Primitive Shops.

Sunday morning was a trip to a huge flea market in Mechanicsburg and look what I found!!! Lots of dippers and baby shoes to put mice in. I was one happy camper!!!

Here is a picture of the girls I roomed with we..... the hotel was beautiful and had 2 bedrooms, a living room, full kitchen and 2 bathrooms! This picture was taken outside a nice shop by the Kitchen Kettle in Lancaster. Left to right starting in the front we have Marie, Kristal, Me and in the back is Michele and NeeNee!

I have a craft show on Saturday so I need to get back to work!!! Lots to finish up!! I will talk more about convention later!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wooden Toaster Cover

WOW!!! Where did those weeks go? I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. I really have been working on crafts but I also lost some time with a pulled muscle in my back! Sure glad that is over with!
My first craft show of the year is May 23rd................... so I'm busy trying to finish things up that I have started! It will be held in McVeytown, PA and it is called Country Memories Day.
Here is one of the toaster covers that my husband made a few weeks ago and I just now got around to painting it. I used a Kim Klassen design for the sheep!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mice in Baby Shoes and My Swap from Bee Charmer Primitives!

I've been working on a bunch of mice and finally finished them up and started tucking them into anything I can find. I scoured some antique shops for baby shoes and lucked out one day finding all these. Two are in old jello molds and one is in an old strainer. I used real dried flowers in all of them............ even the little daisies are real drieds.

This is a wonderful sign I received from Bee Charmer Primitives in a Spring swap that I participated in with my Etsy team OFG! I just love it and it looks great hanging in my mudroom!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tobacco Cloth Covers!

Last week I received the Tobacco Cloth that I had ordered and it has been setting here calling my name! I had to take a break from mice and do something with it! My crocks are getting a new look. It makes a great cover for just about anything. I also put some over an Atlas Special Mason jar which I filled with spanish moss, orange spice scented rosehips, orange slices, pods and a mini chick candy mold.

This jar is an old blue Ball Perfect Mason jar that I filled with a bunch of Sweet Annie, Broom Corn, wild berries and a stubby prim candle all tied together with a piece of the tobacco cloth. I did add some spanish moss to the bottom of the jar to kind of hold it all in place.

I also finished up some "Piggy's which I've been working on. I used a pattern by Kentucky Primitives to create this cute little guy. I did get one listed in my Etsy Shop !

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OFG Spring & Easter Celebrations!!!

The Spring Celebration is under can find my shop here and to do a search of all the OFGSC creations just type OFGSC into the search bar........... the Easter Celebration is almost ready to begin! Here are a few things I've been working on for Easter. The first is Carrotbottom Farms Rabbit which I created using a pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives and the other rabbit is Snickerdy Rabbit Doll created with a pattern from Veenas Folk Art Primitive Designs. The Pinkeeps were designed by Bird In the Hand Primitives and I used some wonderful reproduction fabric designs from the Civil War Era! I've attached a nice antique Easter graphic to create the tags.

Snickerdy hold a bag of fabric painted flowers and Carrotbottom holds a fabric vintage graphic bag.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Herd of Sheep!

I'd like to thank Judi for sending me this picture of her sheep collection! She ordered one of my real wool felted sheep a while back and he finally made it to his new home. She said she collected all kinds but I had no idea how many! She had her husband round them up from all areas of the house to pose for this picture. Mine is the dark one in the center front. It is fun to see my "treasures" in a new home!! Thanks again Judi!!!