Friday, July 10, 2015

A Vintage Merrick Thread Cabinet for my Valdani Threads!

I picked this SWEET vintage Merrick thread cabinet up at Renningers Antique Extravaganza last Spring and it has been sitting here waiting to be cleaned up and put back to use!  It is so well worn and loved but looks great it in its fresh new coat of linseed oil!  
Just look at those brass knobs all wobbly and loose!  
(I see I missed a spot of oil rubbing by the top left knob!)

The ink well flip is to die for....... and it comes with its won pencil/pen groove!  Oh, I forgot..... my friend Ree gifted me with a vintage ink pen which I must put in place!

The top is covered with leather which is certainly showing its age but I can only imagine the stories it could tell!

The slant lid flips up to expose a wonderful large area to house the patterns I will be filling with the wonder Valdani Threads!  The lid is held up with a flip up stick that is attached to the left side of the box!

Isn't it amazing how the look of aged wood makes us all warm and happy inside!  It makes the perfect new home for all my threads!

Just another step on trying to organize my work area! I still have a long way to go! 
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